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Wash and Go Tips
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Wash and Go Tips

First thing's first : You need to know your Natural Hair Deets

And NO, not your "hair type"... no one cares about hair type. Stop. Chanting. Hair. Types. Like. Some. Natural. Hair. Cult. Member.


I get so sick of people saying “my hair type is 4a” like that has anything to do with styling and what products will work with your hair. It’s like telling a makeup artist, “my skin is black”. Okay, so how does that help him or her determine the type of makeup you need? Do you have warm or cool undertones? Is your skin oily or dry? Do you have sensitive or acne-prone skin? And does your skin require light or full coverage? Your skin classification, or color, really has no merit except to match the makeup shade to your actual skin color. Other than that, you need to know more about your skin (hair) than its color (curl type).

Okay, long-winded illustration over. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Listen, listen, Lindas: take some time to figure out your hair. Really get in there and decipher it because that is the only information that will help you with any and every style and product choice.

Me? I have coarse to medium textured hair depending on which part of my head I’m dealing with. I have high density hair all over my head. And my hair porosity is low.

How do I know? I researched it and did some preliminary tests to help me figure it all out. Don’t worry. I’ve got it all written out for you guys, so click on the images below to learn more and figure out your ‘actual’ hair type and what it means for styling your natural hair.

Know Your True Hair Type

No, not your curl pattern - you need to know your hair's texture, density, and porosity so that you can learn what that means for your natural hair when it comes to styling methods and products.

Get it Wet!

My Low-Porosity Hair requires me to style it while wet. Soaking wet. During the entire process. And no cold water can touch my hair ever because my cuticles will close and the product won't sink in.

Section by Section

Always work in sections. As my hair is getting longer, it's easier to do every step in sections. This saves time and product, also ensuring that the product touches all of my hair for a long-lasting style.

Cleanse (I mean Shampoo)

I find that because of my porosity, too much product will cause buildup, so co-washing doesn't always work for me. Either way, you need a clean slate for a perfect wash & go.


Wash & go's just don't work if your hair isn't completely detangled. I shampoo, and then leave in my conditioner while I shower. I only detangle my hair with a brush under running water. Never after.

Less is More

And by this I mean less products. Wash & go's should be simple - too many products leave your hair weighed down. Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and gel. That's all I require for my wash & gos.


This is the most important tip of all… YOUR natural hair is unique and not like anyone else’s. Learn to love YOUR curls. Accept YOUR curls. Once you do that, styling becomes easier.


These are my staples. I don’t like to try too many new products because my hair is prone to heavy buildup and white residue for hours, sometimes never disappearing. It took me a long time to find the perfect combination of products, and I don’t want to cause any disturbance in the force. 

::evil Darth Vader grin::