Organizing Your Natural Hair Products

March 12, 2014
organizing hair closet

My coworkers call me OCD; I will straighten out something in passing and not even know I did it.  So when I was moving out of my old place, and had to pack up all my natural hair products, I couldn’t believe how unorganized my bathroom cupboard was.  Seriously.  So when I moved into my new place, I organized my bathroom cabinet like Martha Stewart on caffeine!  Now everything is easy to find and I know when I’m out of a product and when I don’t need to even look in the direction of Sally’s Beauty Supply for more!  Or when I do.  So how did I organize my natural hair products?  This video will show it much better than I could explain it.

natural hair products: organization

Organizing My Natural Hair Products

Ladies, if your natural hair products aren’t organized yet, get on it!  It will make life sooo much easier.  You will be able to find your products, know what you have and what you need, and create more room for ::looks around slyly:: more products!  lol Try it, you’ll love it!

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