Natural Hair Timeline

natural hair timeline

Milestones and events that shaped the culture of black [natural] hair into what it is today.

Why a timeline?  Wikipedia defines a timeline as a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order often used to help with understanding the order of historical events and trends for a subject.  This natural hair timeline will be a condensed version of the history of black hair.  For a far better read, check out the book HairStory: Untangling the Roots of of Black Hair in America by Ayana Byrd and Lori Tharps.  Also check out  These are my sources.

1600 – 1700: Stolen Identity

Stolen Identity: Love Your Natural Roots

1800 – 1863: Separate, Not Equal

dark skin vs light skin whatyouallow (.com) button

1865 – 1899: Testing Blackness

testing blackness

1900 – 1944 (part one): The American Caste System

caste system in america

the 1900’s & Black Hair Entrepreneurship

influential people in the history of black natural hair

1900 – 1944 (part two): Being the Right Kind of Black Ad Campaign

no kink

1945 – 1964: Let’s Do the Conk: Black Hairstyles through the 1960s

modern day conk

1965 – 1969: Reverting Back to Natural

Hair the Musical

1970 – 1979: Black Hair in the Seventies: the Afro


1980 – 1989: That ’80s Hair

Grace Jones

1990 – 1999: Varied Style: the ’90s Hair

varied style

2000 – now (2014): Coming Full Circle

coming full circle