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Product or Process?
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Product or Process?

Product or Process?

I am a born-again natural hair product junkie… a reformed collector of conditioners, shampoos, creams, and gels. And since finding my staple product and strict wash & go routine, I’m starting to wonder if it has ever been the product or the actual process that has given me the results I have either loved or hated.

For the entire summer I have worn a wash & go. And I finally perfected the style enough to where I have loved rocking it, and have been able to wear it for days at a time. I always wash and style in the shower, and then apply my gel while still in the shower with my strands soaked and dripping. I get better slip, better coverage, and no drippage when I get out to lightly shingle for more definition. Plus, I found that this has actually drastically decreased the styling time and given me more wear from one style. Shaking it throughout the day while it’s still wet gives me the shape and clumped curls that I love so much. Needless to say, my hair has thrived and my wash & gos are now my favorite style.

So this question popped into my head when the hubs and I were discussing my last wash and go and the results that I raved about. It was a Saturday and I washed before going to church. We’re driving and he looks over and reminds me, “don’t forget to do your shake thing.”

LOL! He’s learning!

So I did – shook my hair while in the car. He then complimented me on how nice my hair turned out and how much it’s grown, and I thanked him, glanced in the mirror, and wondered aloud if it actually looked the same as the last wash & go with a different product. He agreed that while wet, it actually looked the same as it always does.


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