Natural Hair Emergency Kit

July 7, 2014
natural hair emergency kit inside

Have you ever been out and about and passed by a mirror or car window and gasped in horror at what has replaced your earlier-cute-do and made it a frizz puff or zapped the life out of your style?  Well that is what I call a natural hair emergency and you can’t call 911 for this.  This calls for a natural hair emergency kit.

*queue sirens in the background*

‘What is that?’ you ask?  Well, just like you [should] keep items in your purse for all kinds of mishaps and ill-events, such as band-aids, hand sanitizer, lady items, lip gloss, etc., natural women should have items in their purse to handle different kinds of hair emergencies.  And we all have them!

So What’s In My Natural Hair Emergency Kit?

(I keep wanting to say, “what’s in your wallet?” lol)

I have a video out where I show you exactly what I put in my natural hair emergency kit.  You can see it here.  But I did promise to go into more detail as to the why’s and what-for’s.

Before I tell you what I have in my personal kit, let’s talk a bit about what the essential natural hair care items are.  Okay, let’s amend that to say essential natural hair styling items.  Even though I shouldn’t have to, I’m going to put in a disclaimer… here:

*When I’m talking about essential natural hair styling items, I am referring to the styling items I use in my hair.  During the summer, I wear my hair in a wash & go 90% of the time.  Therefore, my styling items will differ from those of you who may straighten your hair, or wear a twist out, or wear a stretched ‘do.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, every natural needs water, a moisturizer or oil, gel, bobby pins, and a tie or two.  If you’re wearing a wash and go that up and went (hello humidity!), you may want to spray a bit of water on the sides and pull it back into a bun or puff.  If you have straightened your hair and it got caught up in the clutches of the weather and you can’t bear to let it rise an inch longer, a little gel and a small tie will get that back into a ponytail; some bobby pins can help get you into a cute updo.  You just never know what or when, but sometime you will find yourself in the middle of a natural hair mishap.

Be prepared.

Okay, so here is what I put into my personal natural hair emergency kit:

spray bottle for natural hair emergency kit

Spray bottle with water.

I found this at Rite Aid.  You can find these just about anywhere, and in lots of different colors.  I chose to fill mine with water – just in case I’m somewhere that doesn’t have ready access to water (like my car) and the spray bottle is perfect for focusing my application to the area I want.

You can chose to fill this with your liquid leave in of choice, or even mix equal parts of water and oil.  That is up to you and what your hair likes best.

open pill case for natural hair emergency kit   closed pill case for natural hair emergency kit

Pill case with moisturizing cream and gel.

I also found this pill case at Rite Aid.  The sides are separate and so I got a two-fer where I could just put my Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner as my moisturizing cream on one side, and my EcoStyler gel on the other.

oil for natural hair emergency kit


I received this sample size in one of my ipsy bags.  You may not always be able to find an oil this size.  If that is the case, then don’t despair: you can get a little squeeze bottle to match the spray bottle.  And most everywhere will have another type of bottle next to the spray bottles.

bobby pins for natural hair emergency kit

Bobby pins.

Enough said.

hair ties for natural hair emergency kit

Hair Ties.

You need these.  In life.  Get some.

inside my natural hair emergency kit

And there you have it.  My own personal natural hair kit.

What’s in your [wallet?] kit?

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