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April 20, 2017

Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration.  We make the decision to big chop, or grow out our hair, and it isn’t always roses and perfect curls.  Sometimes we get a little insecure about our decision.  And sometimes that makes us insecure about our TWA.  Oh, so it’s only me?  Well then this post is for me…

…kidding!  I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.  During times of insecurity about my natural hair and whether it’s growing, or not, or if it looks good, or doesn’t; I turn to Pinterest.

Pinterest for Natural Hair Inspiration

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get lost in photo upon photo upon image.  If you need an idea – for anything… log into Pinterest.  Or if you need to know if you should wear something with something… log into Pinterest.  Even if you need a recipe… log into Pinterest.  But mostly if you need inspiration… log into Pinterest.  Seriously.

I can spend hours on Pinterest; and after scrolling for what seems like days, I have to eventually peel myself away from my screen.  It can be an addiction that will have you missing meals and meetings and stuff.

#distraction #bestweightlossplanever

But if you need validation for your big chop, Pinterst is also one of the best places to find it.  The beautiful women who have TWA’s and big chops are pinned abundantly, and with enthusiasm.  And even if you won’t admit it, I find some kind of sisterhood and validation among the endless images.

Who Needs Validation?

Because honesty is one of my constants, even if it gets me into trouble, let’s chat a bit about validation and why it’s important.  And why it isn’t.

It is not necessary to feel validated to cut your hair or to wear your hair natural.  If you want to do it, then you should do it, no matter what people may tell you.  #stomp

But there are times when it’s nice to not feel like the lone natural out there in the middle of the ocean with no one who understands you.  That’s with anything.  So it is perfectly okay to use inspiration to feel validation; and even more okay to allow that sense of validation to make you feel better about your decision.

It’s when you use validation as the only reason to, or not to, do something is when we have a whole different ballgame.  #beyou #doyou #loveyourdecisiontobeyou

A bit of validation helps us feel more confident in our decisions, sometimes; and gives us a bit more strength to stand behind that decision.

Sound like a contradiction?  It’s not – but there is a fine line.

So Let’s Validate this Big Chop Decision

“I validate your decision to wear your big chop in the name of the natural hair goddesses.”

There you go.

But seriously – this post is more about inspiration than validation.  It is not my job to validate you.  But it is my self-…. job to provide you with motivation, inspiration, and a little assurance that it will all be awesome in the end.

So on that note:

My Top Ten Favorite Big Chop Pins of the Week

(because let’s face it; next week I will find a crap-ton more posts to love!  Pinterest. Is. A. Problem.)

*Now, my disclaimer: I do not own any of these pins, nor do I claim any rights to the photos.  These have been posted publicly to Pinterest, and I am sharing them.  Although I do not have the original images or links to the websites, if you click on the photo, it will take you to the actual pin, the source.

You’ve been adequately disclaimed.


The woman in the image is striking.  And her short hair seems to go with her beautiful face.  Because why not?  TWA’s are gah-geous, dahling!


I just love the organic growth of this TWA.  It is perfectly un-perfect.  Because not every TWA has to be curled, coiled, and gel’ed to perfection.  #ImperfectionIsTheNewPerfect


And sometimes coils are the bomb (dot com!).


Shape is everything.  And nothing makes a TWA feel more pulled together than a great shape.


You’ve seen those videos that encourage you to accessorize.  A good hat.  This TWA is hip and cool.

Do we still say hip and cool?  Whatever, it’s all that.  ROFL!


Coils!  Super short TWA’s are my weakness!


And this TWA is no exception – low, cute, and sassy!  Look at her face!  She looks like she’s loving every strand of her TWA.


#speechless other than this is #simplybeautiful.


You know how they tell you if you do something, buy something, be something,… that you’ll be insanely happy?  Because it’s the answer to all your problems?  Well I won’t lie to you.  Having natural hair is not the answer to all your problems.  In fact, it may cause a couple.  But you will learn to love you.  The smile of the woman in this photo says she is happy with her.  And her TWA.  This picture makes me happy – every time I see it!


Beauty.  TWA’s are beauty.  They are the most simplistic, basic, and ridiculously easy form of beautiful.  Why?  Because they force us to see us’ to see our facial features and to appreciate and play upon those features.  The absence of hair, of long hair, is not a handicap, or an inconvenience, nor is it the absence of womanhood …it is the presence of all the other stuff we hide behind long hair.

So there it is.  My favorite pins of the week; and a celebration of the Teeny Weeny Afro, the Big Chop, and short natural hair.  And the beauty it all holds.

Want to see more pins?  Check out my TWA Board

Share your favorite pins below.

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