Finally! Michelle Obama’s Natural Hair Debut

April 24, 2017

All I can say is I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!  I have been waiting on my First Lady Michelle Obama’s natural hair to make an appearance for eight – count them with me – EIGHT years.  So when she bounced onto the scene in the infamous photo from this weekend, I could not contain my excitement…

Michelle Obama Wears Her Natural Hair Out

Okay, let me make a confession here and now.  And do. not. judge. me.  I was not even a little aware of this natural hair news-bite until the owner of our local comic book store informed me Sunday afternoon after asking me what I blogged about.

“Oh, so you know Michelle Obama wore her hair natural and it’s all over the internet.” He says casually.

“Wait, WHAT?!” I ask, “Are you serious? Michelle First Lady Obama?”

“Yep,” he answers, looking at me like ‘and you say you have a natural hair blog…‘ and then proceeds to give me details while I promptly pull out my smart-google to find details.

So it was not like I was privy to this news or knew before anyone else.  I was trying to get my latest comic book issue.  My older white comic book store owner knew before I did.  #IMayBeSomewhatEmbarrassed

I found an article on one of my #favorite sites, Refinery29, where the author, Khalea Underwood says exactly what I have always thought:

No matter who’s currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Michelle Obama will always and forever be my first lady. To me, she epitomizes class, grace, strength, smarts, and slay… all while managing to walk the dogs, write college recommendation letters, end childhood obesity, deliver incredible (sometimes copied) speeches, and sit down for family dinner with Sasha, Malia, and President Barack Obama. Just call her Superwoman.

Mrs. Obama’s infamous hairstylist, Johnny Wright, did confirm that the photo is real and that it’s indeed recent.  She is sporting her natural hair in a low pony-puff while on vacation.  Because who wants to be bothered with all of that when you’re trying to enjoy your newfound freedom life.  He’s not with her to blow and press her hair, and she probably said, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’

What’s even cooler to know, is that best former First Lady Michelle Obama stopped relaxing her hair during (still my) President Obama’s first administration.  According to Wright, “I stopped doing her relaxer the first year of the administration.  Very shortly after that, her hair grew out completely.  She has no relaxer anywhere on her hair, not even on the tips.”

Wouldn’t it be cool to know how Michelle Obama transitioned?  Like what products and methods she used?

Well wait a minute – because Mr. Wright does let us in on her his secret to keeping her transitioning natural hair healthy: “I’m very particular about the health of her hair. I’ve always called myself a texture specialist, and I work well with keeping hair on the head.  When your natural hair is growing out, that line of demarcation between the natural hair and your relaxer tends to break and pop.  I made sure I kept it very soft and moisturized so she could keep her length as much as she could when she was going through that transition.  I trimmed every four to six weeks, as I normally do, and that was it.”

He also mentions that he did a lot of steam treatments for healthy shine, as well.

For more details on Mrs. Obama’s transitioning and natural hair care, read more of Khalea Underwood’s article from Refinery29.

There’s Always a Natural Hair Critic

I know there are a lot of people who will say (and yes, I am saying this to myself in a very sarcastic mocking tone… because that’s what these statements deserve!)

“Oh… Michelle Obama is only wearing her hair natural now that she is no longer in the White House.”


“Why didn’t she represent for naturals when her husband was President?”


“Hmph, she must have been embarrassed of her natural hair.”

and yada-yada-yada.

First of all, Michelle Obama did not and does not owe anyone in or outside of the natural hair community an explanation for why she chose to wear her hair straight, curly, wigged, weaved, or whatever.  Like Mr. Wright said, it is simply what she wanted to do.

Remember the awful picture from the cover of The New Yorker that was circulating with a fist-bumping President and First Lady Obama where she was pictured with an afro and militant look and he was posed as a Muslim?  That magazine cover made her husband mad.  And I took great offense to it as well.  Because why does an afro represent militant terrorism?  Like the Black Panther party was depicted not so long ago?  And on another note, WHY does this make it seem like all Muslims are terrorists?  Don’t even get me started…


The Mis-Representation of Natural Hair

Well, after that, would YOU want to bust out with your Afro blazing?  Maybe you would, but I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t want to give opposers any reason to continue spewing lies and deceit about me based on my race and how I wear my hair.  It’s an unnecessary distraction.

Also, we naturals in the community don’t need any validation or representation.  We have it.  On our own heads!

Obviously Michelle Obama wasn’t embarrassed of her hair.  For those of you who have transitioned, you know how difficult it can be to style two textures.  That plus all the things she had to do as First Lady, wife, mother, and all the other responsibilities…  It’s why I just went ahead and big-chopped.  But even still, in the professional world, you have to worry about being judged for how you wear your hair.

Wait, I’m sorry I misspoke.  BLACK WOMEN have to worry about being misjudged on how we wear our hair.  No one else.

I wear a straighter wig to work a lot, not because I’m ashamed of my natural hair, but because I don’t want to be the center of attention because of my hair.  #timeandaplace #workisnottheplace

So I would think that in order to keep the discussion on important matters pertaining to our country, Mrs. Obama declined the opportunity to step out in all her natural glory, which would have taken the spotlight off of all the good her husband was trying to do and put it on her hair.  She’s just not superficial like that.  Plus, she was occupied with her own duties for this country.

I’m just saying.  Calm down with the negativity.

She’s out now, and her natural hair is out, too!  #victoryisours

She shows that natural hair is indeed versatile and she can wear it any way she chooses to – curly, straight, stretched, or pulled back.  She may step out next week with a twist out.  Or a bantu knot.  Or a weave.  Who cares?  It’s her natural hair.

But wasn’t it too cool to see it this weekend in all its natural glory?!  As always, no matter how she wears her hair, she is still gorgeous and classy!  

I love my former (always my) First Lady!


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