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“I Am No Influencer!”
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“I Am No Influencer!”

...and then I became angry – I was mad at natural hair companies for not accepting my proposals for ambassadorship, I was mad at other “influencers” for not being honest in their reviews and for even getting more sponsorships to begin with, and I was mad at the natural hair community for becoming what I thought was a huge reality-TV-money-hungry-conglomerate of over-priced products, methods, and money-centered blogging/vlogging.

Did anyone even care about natural hair care anymore?

I believe most of the problem was with me.

I can see that now. My heart was never into that influencer-sales-life. I wanted followers so I could help them better understand and care for their natural hair - not to be the most popular blogger/vlogger, or even to push products and methods onto them. I had lost sight of my purpose - my original vision. So I threw my hands up and took a step back from blogging, vlogging, and natural hair.

And now?

I want to re-re-define this blog for all of you. And I want to be perfectly clear about what this blog is and isn't.

What this blog isn't...

Let me first say who I am not: I am no Influencer. I am not into sales, product junky-ism, or self-proclaimed natural hair 'guru'.

You will not find an overhaul of natural hair products here.

I am into finding the products that work for my hair and sticking with those. I won’t lie, though; I love trying new things, so I will share new products I’m trying. However, it will not be a consistent part of this blog. And if I don’t like something, I will let you know – honestly and without hesitation.

You will not find experimentation with every natural hair method that rears its ugly head.

I am not into foolishness when it comes to my natural hair; meaning I don’t want growth so much that I will try anything. Especially things that bring me discomfort, inconvenience, or are just stupid. I’m brutally honest and that is what you will find here.

You won’t find paid advertising here.

Money does not run this blog. If you see a product in the sidebar, it is because I am using and loving it; but it will be a rare thing. I hate when I visit a blog so laden with ads and popups that I spend more time clicking them away than I do finding meaningful content. I do not want that to be your experience here.

You won’t find detours here.

Meaning, this site is about natural hair and natural hair only. I was dabbling in too many other things before my hiatus – makeup, fashion, terrible products – just a bunch of randomness… you get the gist. So I will stick with the thing that drove this blog for so many years – natural hair. The thing you come here to find.

What this blog is...

First and foremost, this blog is an ode to natural coils in all their kinky curly glory, and the beauty of natural hair.

A safe place.

Ask your questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability.

A place for natural hair, period.

A fun place.

I love humor and having fun. And I’m a nerd, so sometimes you may find a Star Wars reference here and there. And everywhere.

I am a natural hair geek, and I believe there’s science caring for your natural hair.

But I also believe it’s common sense and knowing what your hair likes and dislikes. We will look at both of those here.

This blog is about my natural hair journey.

And yours. So tell me what you want to see, and what you want to know.

Natural hair care shouldn't be a burden. It should be fun, and it should be yours.

Your hair is a great way to showcase your personality, so do YOU. Don't do anyone else's journey, or color, or product,... find what your hair likes and do that. Even if it isn't 'popular'.