I See Coils, Kinks, & Curls!


         picture taken by Jeanette Illidge Design

A Little About Me

More than fifteen years ago (yes, FIFTEEN), I decided to cut off all my relaxed hair and wear my short natural hair.  I’ve never looked back. What began as a way to document my own natural hair journey quickly grew into a blog dedicated to helping other naturals navigate their natural hair journey.


I’m not a self-proclaimed natural hair expert, a hair scientist, doctor, or even a hair stylist.  But I know my hair; and I’ve dedicated a lot of time into understanding products, styles, routines, and methods – all to help maintain healthy natural hair.  And I want to share those experiences with you so you can love your natural hair, too!


picture taken by jeanetteillidgedesign(.com)

So why a natural hair blog?

When I first decided to rock my newly-natural big-chopped curls, it was not popular.  At all.  So there weren’t a lot of resources available for those of us who needed tips and advice during a time when the relaxer was at an all-time high. And in this part of the southern United States, it is still mostly assumed that when a black woman with full curly hair steps onto the scene she is rocking a wig or weave.  So I get lots [lots!] of questions that usually begin with “is that your real hair?”, and graduate to “so how do you get it to do that?”

Truthfully, it used to drive me crazy.  That is until my mom pointed out that most people weren’t being rude, but that when natural hair like mine is worn out the way I wear mine (usually big), then people are going to be curious and want to know more about it.  “They just want to know.” she said.  It was also my most perceptive mother who suggested that I put my talents to good use and start a blog where I could answer some of those questions.  To this day I’m not sure if she was entirely serious about the blog, but in either case… here it is!

I hope that this blog-site encourages and inspires you; and that you will stay with me and enjoy this journey as much as I have!


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