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About Coiled
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About My Natural Hair

My hair is a dense mass of coily curls that tend to be deep black with, sometimes now, touches of gray.  Density-wise, she is so dense, it’s easy to lose your fingers to the coils before you even sense my scalp. Her strands are thick and not easily broken, and her porosity is low to neutral, depending on the part of the head you’re styling. She curls easily with a little conditioner or gel, and stays curled until the next wash day – she isn’t as prone to frizz or humidity unless I put heat to her. Which I do not.

My natural hair is fun. It’s quirky and has it’s own personality, just like me. And she rarely cares about what other people think. It’s been a long journey with her, and we’ve been through quite a lot together; but I’m glad she’s still here and thriving. We have a mutual understanding, now: treat her with respect and she will continue to favor me with her glorious coils!

About Me

I’m less important, since this blog is about my natural hair. I’m a natural hair blogger. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, and wearing my natural hair for well over 15. I know quite a bit about natural hair and caring for it so that it’s healthy. But that means nothing because I’m still learning about my own natural hair. I blog to share what I’ve learned, encourage those who are on the journey, and inspire others to wear their natural hair with pride.

Natural hair care should not be complicated or inconvenient.

About This Blog

You won’t find any product-pushing, paid sponsorships, or strange random methods to get your hair to “grow faster”.

This is simply a natural hair blog.

There’s no magic pill or method that will grow your hair faster or keep it healthy, just like there is no magic pill that will help you lose weight faster or keep it off. You have to put in the work – educate yourself and know your hair(body). Listen to your hair. Take care of your hair. This is how you grow your natural hair. That’s it.