What I Wore Today: An Entire Week and Some Thoughts Behind Starting this Feature

December 19, 2016

As I’m looking back at a week of ‘what I wore today’ posts, I am really psyched about the new series.  I am going to combine this weekend’s ‘What I Wore Today’ into one post, but first I wanted to share my reasoning behind it.

Self Conscious

I have always been more than self-conscious about my body and my size, in particular.  Most recently, I have become a bit more comfortable in my skin, but it is a process.  I tell Part One of my “Fat Story” in a recent post; and conclude with Part Two on my YouTube channel.  So even though I’m in a much better place, now, I still lean towards the uncertain side when it comes to my body.  It is a work in progress, even though I have made great strides.

Pictures Lie and I Suck At Selfies

…like a rug!  We’ve all been there – we take a pic (or two, or five) in our favorite outfit, hair all done up, makeup on point, only to look at the picture later on like ‘what in the world was I thinking?!’  My favorite phrase is that I look like a can of busted biscuits (don’t ask me where that came from – you don’t even want to know what’s in those dark corners of my mind!  lol).  Plus, I suck at selfies… I mean really suck.  I can’t get angle right, my finger always misses the camera button, and the lighting is never good.  There is something about a selfie that makes me feel so inadequate at taking pictures!  lol  So on top of the camera adding 57 pounds (rough estimate), and my less-than-great camera phone skills, getting a makeup or outfit of the day (OOTD) pic is not happening.

But Fashion and I Can Actually Take Pictures

Right.  But I want to share some of my awesome outfits with you, my readers.  I wanted to add another dimension of me to this site (besides natural hair), and my clothing choices have become another way for me to express my creativity and my individuality.  I love taking pictures – as long as they’re not of me.  And I’m not so bad at them, either.  I’m also very creative (or so I’ve been told, I murmur demurely…) and love design.  So how do I show my outfits with confidence and creativity to share on my blog and social media sites?

The Instagram Crop

Exactly!  I use the space I’m given to showcase what I’m wearing – you know, the square space allowed by instagram.  I hadn’t seen this done before, although I am certain that no idea is really a new idea; so I thought about how I would fit everything in a square space.  And then I glanced around and saw the little table in my office – a table I’ve had forever and haven’t been able to get myself to get rid of.  I use it for my plants and filming when I need a surface to place things.

So I tried it out and my first outfit for ‘What I Wore Today’ was born!

I have been setting up and snapping pictures of my outfits for a week, now and I am having a blast.  It allows me to be creative, to showcase my fashion choices to share with you, and to keep my camera-dignity!

So What Did You Wear This Weekend?

I know, I know – this weekend was a bit hectic with Star Wars Rogue One (!!!), date night, a video DIY, and Christmas shopping.  Plus, hubs and I have to take a break from our work to enjoy a couple episodes of Netflix at least once a week.  So I promised I would share with you what I wore this weekend in this post.  Here we go…

Ssturday Date Night Outfit: Peek-A-Boo Purple

I. LOVE. PURPLE.  I think you all who have followed me for some time know that.  If you don’t, that’s okay, you will learn it soon!  Hubs wanted to treat me to dinner at our favorite restaurant, so we got dressed up (which for us on the weekend would be a nice top and dressier jeans…) and drove about 45 minutes to discover that our favorite place on earth to eat has been closed permanently.  We were crushed, to say the least, but still hungry.  So we went to another nice place that he had tried once and liked.  Of course, he spent the majority of our meal comparing the food to our favorite restaurant, but it wasn’t bad and we had a nice time in a quiet, un-crowded atmosphere.

So what did I wear?  Right:

Torrid Georgette Lace Inset Top.  This top was a summer find (although you can still find it on the website, click the image to see it on Torrid’s webpage); but since it was EIGHTY DEGREES AGAIN THIS WEEKEND, I thought ‘what the hell’… literally – hellfire.  😐

Torrid Jeggings – Grey Wash.  These again… because they are SOOOO COMFY.  So I can dress them up or down.  And I do.  Go get you some!  (I have those shoes in the pic, too, btw… because I have a problem! lol)

Torrid Faux Leather Wedge Booties.  You know all about these…  Honestly, I almost wore my purple converse, but I decided to be a lady and keep it stepping.  LOL!

JustFab Gunnar.  There it is… always on time.

Torrid Purple Double Layered Chiffon Cami.  The star of the show…  I’m glad I grabbed this when I did because you can’t find it on the site anymore.  Click on the pic and you’ll see a lovely black cami just like it – there are other colors, as well.  Probably more seasonal.

So that’s Saturday.  Now on to FunSunday…

Sunday Wonder Day

Saw a preview for Wonder Woman the movie, coming out next year during Star Wars Rogue One, and I got all kinds of giddy-excited again.  So of course I had to pull out my Wonder-Tee and rock it while we Christmas shopped.  I’m not a big fan of anything white, but I like this tee so I try to get over it and go with it.

Torrid Relaxed Boot Jeans – Medium Wash.  These jeans.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Okay, maybe one more thing – buy them; but if you’re short, and you buy regular, you will have to roll them up.  Just saying… they do NOT fit like the model in the pic above unless you’re like 5’7 or something…

Heather Grey Foxy Cami.  I always like to wear a cami or tank underneath my t-shirts and sweaters.  Extra protection, or security, or whatever.  Plus I love a pop of color that matches what I’m wearing in some way.

Wonder Woman Raglan Tee.  Because it’s Wonder Woman.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Double-Zip Women’s Low-Top Sneaker.  Man, I love these sneakers!  It’s about time for another pair.  It’s close to Christmas.  Throwing hints to my hubs and family.  LOL.

So that’s my chill outfit for Sunday shopping.  We spent most of our time in Barnes & Noble, but what’s a shopping trip without some time in the bookstore?!

What did you rock this weekend?

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