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August 6, 2017

I’ve been there.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I looked just like the natural in this photo.  Sometimes you just get frustrated with your natural hair journey and you want to throw in the towel.  Well, have no fear – you’re weekend natural hair inspiration is here.  Along with some tips for getting past your natural hair plateau…

When Natural Hair Frustration Happens

It usually happens right after that eleventh YouTube video discussing yet one more new method to try for instant natural hair growth.  Or after you’ve read blog post after blog post of product reviews trying to find your new deep conditioner.  Or what about after you’ve tried that new style you saw on Pinterest and it turned out to be a big, fat fail?  Yep, I’ve been there, too, and I have wanted to toss my brush and comb into the air and quit the natural hair journey altogether.

Sometimes you’ve been following the same routine for months, and you know it’s a good routine because you did all your research and found the products that were just right for your natural hair… but you’re seeing no growth and it makes you want to scream in frustration.  It’s okay – this is completely natural.

I couldn’t go an entire blog post without one cheesy pun.  C’mon it’s like you guys don’t know me!

Here are some reasons naturals may hit that natural hair plateau and how to get past it.

There Is Too Much Natural Hair Information Out There

I mean it is everywhere, now.  We are constantly bombarded with videos and blog posts telling us about new natural hair routines and products.  We want to be educated about our natural hair, but everytime you click on one natural hair video, ten more videos pop up that contain must-have information about natural hair care.

I could wax poetic about the good old days when I first big chopped and no one else that I knew wore their natural hair, and there wasn’t a lot of information out there to help me with my journey.  But you’ve heard all that before.  Let’s just say that the natural hair movement has become just like the weight loss movement – crowded with a lot of ‘experts’ out there trying to push their methods onto you.

Natural Hair Information Detox

While it’s not a bad thing to want to know all the things, it is a good thing to take a step back from all of that and decide what’s right for you and your hair and your natural hair journey.

Seriously, turn it all off- at least for a couple of days – and find your natural hair zen.  Think about what you’ve tried, what worked and what didn’t, and why.  Clear your mind of all the information and just start from right where you are.  Sometimes we have to take a moment to breathe so that we can figure out our next steps.

Listen To Your Hair

Because your natural strands will tell you what they need.  So while you’re clearing your mind of all the information, take some time to actually listen to what your natural hair wants and what it needs.

Stick to the Basics

We make natural hair care too complicated.  It’s easy to do and sometimes we think we’re helping our hair growth along.  We are not.  Usually, we are keeping our hair from being great by interfering.  We can be our hair’s own worst enemy because we are doing the most!  Find your essential hair care products, get back to your basic hair care routine, and stick to that for a while.  Allow your natural hair to relax (ironic, right?) and catch itself.

Not sure what those essentials are?  Stay tuned for a video showing you what the essential natural hair care products are.

My Natural Hair Isn’t Growing

Yes, it is.  It just isn’t growing at the rapid miraculous pace you think it should be growing.  Growth takes time, so stop rushing your hair, and chill.


Is it dry?  Don’t forget to moisturize your hair.  One of the key pieces to healthy natural hair is moisture and lots of it.  However you choose to do it, make sure that your hair never sees a dry hair day.

Also, don’t forget to include a few protein treatments.  Not too frequently, but pay attention to your hair and you’ll know when it needs a shot of protein as a pick-me-up.  Include more protein in your diet and that will help, as well.

Trim Those Ends

When is the last time you trimmed your ends?  Even if it’s just a light dusting, make sure your ends are free and clear of those nasty knots and splits.  Sometimes you can’t see it, but your potentially damaged ends are sending that damage up the rest of your strand and straight to the shaft.  Once there, it is pretty much irreparable.  So keep those ends trimmed and moisturized and you’ve won half the battle.

Try A Protective Style

Protective styles are not the answer to mega hair growth, but sometimes you can use a good old protective style to give your hair a break from all the manipulation and other environmental irritations that can cause hair damage.  I even use a protective style when I’m really frustrated with my natural hair and I have no idea what to do with it.  You know what protective styles are – maybe try one once a month, or so.

Leave It Alone

This sounds redundant, but just let your natural hair be.  Stop stretching it for length checks, and checking it for new growth.  Take care of it and wear it.  Take it day by day.  Let it be great.

Oh, and take your biotin (or whatever hair vitamin you like) and make sure you are putting the right things into your body so that goodness can shine through your hair.

It will grow.  I promise.

I Don’t Like My Curl Pattern

This is the one that frustrates me the most.  I just can’t with all of this curl-comparison and natural hair self-hatred.

Cut it out right now.  Right. Now.

Now you listen to me: YOUR natural hair is beautiful.  It is beautiful because it is yours, and it is unique, and it is awesome.  No natural head of hair is the same – but why would you want it to be?  So what if you can’t do a 5-minute wash & go that leaves you with wavy coils, like so-and-so?  So what if you can’t lay your baby hairs because your edges are full and thick and can’t be tamed?  So. What. If you can’t pick out the ‘perfect’ afro because you have softer natural hair than Angela Davis?  Stop comparing your natural hair and journey to so-and-so.

Find styles and methods that work for your natural hair and perfect those to make your natural hair look its best, naturally.  Definitely, find inspiration from other naturals, but not imitation – your hair is unique.

Stop looking in the magic mirror and getting angry at other naturals because your hair doesn’t look like theirs.  Your hair is the fairest of all because it is yours. #DisneyReferenceForTheWin

LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR and be happy with it.  This journey is yours, not anyone else’s.  We all have our insecurities – you never know who may be looking at your natural kinks and coils and wishing they could have your hair texture, or thickness, or kink.

Focus on your natural hair and your natural hair journey.  Appreciate the diversity in other naturals’ hair and styles, but love yours, first and foremost.

It’s okay to be selfish in this area.

And let the church say,… Amen!

Do you get frustrated with your natural hair?  How do you get out of your natural hair funk?
Share some inspiration for other naturals, below!


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