Wash Day with ORS | A Curlie Review

August 3, 2017

Sometimes your hair just needs a good cleansing.  I know, I know… sulfates and stripping and harsh and cowashing.  But seriously – conditioner can’t always get our hair clean, and if your natural hair is not as porous as others, you could collect buildup from all the styling products.  And nobody wants buildup.  No one.  When you can find a shampoo that works, hang on to it for those wash days when you need to really cleanse.

Wash Day

To clarify, a “wash day” for me comes only once every two to three weeks.  I am currently growing out my short curly ‘do, so I don’t require more wash days than that.  Wash & gos mean that I get to cowash every to every-other day, and that is my favorite way to wash.

But my lower porosity hair also means that with so much gel comes so much buildup; and after a while, my hair need to be clarified.  For me, this is usually twice a month.  As my hair gets longer, I’m sure it will be less; but for right now, I actually use more product to keep my hair styled.

Of course I prefer a shampoo that is not stripping or drying to my natural strands – no point in undoing what all the co-washes accomplish during the week.  So in searching for a new bottle of suds to try out, I found a bottle of ORS Olive Oil Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo at my local beauty supply store.  ORS has been around a looooooong time, so this is not something new.  But it was new to me and I couldn’t wait to try it…

Yes, But Does It Clarify?

Right.  I picked it up because the label had S U L F A T E   F R E E printed across the label.  But the Hydrating part intrigued me as well.  Could I possible get clean strands as well as hydrated ones?  Skeptical, but I’m open.

So I took the bottle with me to the shower and tried it out on my week-long wash & go with much buildup from the wash & NO (coming soon) gel I had tried that week.

And my verdict?  Well keep reading for my Curlie Review.

ORS Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo – A Curlie Review

Overall Impression4

Total Curlie Score:







I don’t see a lot of advertisements for ORS products in general.  If you’re a subscriber to their Instagram page, you will see some posts about their various products, and whichever they’re highlighting that week; but nothing specific.  I think these products are a bit older, so they probably feel they don’t need to advertise as much.  This is as much as I have observed in the Advertising area.

You can find ORS anywhere.  Sometimes they will have all of the older products, and sometimes your best bet is a beauty supply; but for the most part availability is good.

The price is about average, although you can get more TresEmme for your buck, and definitely more Suave; but for sulfate-free, it’s cheaper than Shea Moisture and other products marketed for the natural hair community.

Now for the ingredients; while I loved just about everything about this shampoo, especially the sulfate-free part, I really hated that it contains Dimethicone.  You know, a water-INsoluble cone.  Which is puzzling to me since this is a shampoo that you have to wash out.  #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm  Either way, I’m still pretty liberal about my cones and sulfates, so this isn’t a deal-breaker; but it does take some points away.

The consistency is great – a slick, lathering shampoo that does not strip my hair or leave filmy residue on the surface (despite the cone).  The scent is awesome – like fresh apples, I kid you not!  I am in heaven every time I shampoo my hair.  This shampoo is easy to apply – just pour, rub, lather, massage, and rinse.  There is no special process or any confusing instructions that come along with this.  I can’t deal with a complicated application of any product, especially in the morning!

My natural hair is instantly clean and feels soft at the same time.  This is still something I have to get used to – shampoos have traditionally been so drying and stripped my hair unnecessarily, which is why I just cowashed.  But not this shampoo – the effects are instantaneous and marvelous at the same time.  And while this is just a shampoo, the clean feelings lasts until the next shampoo.  I don’t have to worry about buildup coming to crash my wash and go party any sooner than normal – longevity of this shampoo is sound.

Overall, I would say that I am very happy with this shampoo.  If it was not for the small cone issue, this product would be perfectly scored; but like I said before, for me, it’s not a deal-breaker.  I want to make sure that any of you who won’t use sulfates or cones under any circumstances are always aware of the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely purchase this shampoo again!  While I won’t call it my ‘holy’ grail shampoo, I will say that I can see this sticking around my product stash for a while.

What about you? Have you tried this shampoo, yet? What did you think? Share with us, below…

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