What I Wore Today: Super Sunday

December 11, 2016

I love Sundays and I hate Sundays.  On one hand, I love being able to wake up without an alarm (which is usually still early), enjoy my coffee, and blog or plan my week.  Then my hubs and I figure out what we’re going to do that day – errands, fun, or a mixture of both.  On the other hand, once the afternoon hits, it seems like the day speeds by and then it’s Sunday night, which means work in the morning… that’s usually a depressing thought!  But I mostly love Sundays, and I love my Sunday clothing choices…

So this Sunday we planned our day around the Comic Book store.  We. love. the. comic. book. store… and we can easily spend a couple of hours just browsing.  I am discovering new comics, and this newfound hobby is a blast.  I tend to lean more towards discovering new and awesome female heroines – I love an inspiring strong female lead.  I’ll ditch princesses who have to be rescued for the one who does the rescuing anytime!  ::waves:goodbye:to:oldschool:Disney::

What I Wore Today, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

The Dark Purple Knight

Well, because we love Batman!  lol  My hubs and I LOURVE comic book shirts, and I find the perfect ones at my favorite store of all time!  #torrid.  So when we hang out on the weekends, more than likely we’re both in our comic gear…

Torrid Flared Jeans, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

Torrid Three-Button Flared Jeans, Black Wash:  These are the most current from this season.  The jeans I own, however, are from two seasons ago.  Same great jean – fits like a (slightly loose) glove.

Torrid Hero of Batman TShirt, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

Torrid Hero of the Night Batman T-Shirt:  Hands down, my favorite of my collection.  This shirt is from last summer – I almost passed out when I saw it, and subsequently snatched it from the shelf, in my store.

Torrid Purple Foxy Cami, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

Foxy Cami from Torrid:  (are you seeing a pattern?)  This seems to have disappeared from their site (Torrid clothes – once they’re out of season, you can forget it…smh…); but the colors change for the season so they always have some in stock.  Try here for the comfy black cami.

Purple Converse, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top:  I WOULD LIVE IN CONVERSE IF I COULD.  Converse and Combat Boots… seriously.  These purple pair are my favorites, which is why I threw on the purple cami underneath my tshirt.  I get mine from my local Converse outlet, but you can also order some here.

That’s my super outfit for a super Sunday….


Do you have a favorite kind of tshirt?  Tell me about your fun outfits…

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