Seven Lessons I Learned About My Natural Hair Journey from Spider-Man Homecoming | *NO SPOILERS*

July 17, 2017

So we went to see Spider-Man Homecoming.  I had my doubts – mostly because the lack of awesomeness of the last attempts at Spider-Man movies had me wishing I never knew there was a Spider-Man in the Marvel universe.  Yeah.  That bad.  But I walked away with good feels, and natural hair lessons.  Why of course they’re related.  Because what kind of natural hair blogger would I be if I couldn’t tie natural hair to anything?  Not worth my salt, I tell you that!  So, without further adieu, my Spidey review.  I just snorted at my own cheesy rhyme.  But seriously, here are my take-aways…

Spider-Man Homecoming – No Spoilers

I promise that I will not have any spoilers in this review / post.  That’s no fun.  If you haven’t seen it, I really think you should – whether you like Spider-Man, or not.  It will leave a less acidic taste in your mouth about spider superheros in general.  Because I was really bitter about those last movies (sorry, Tobey, but no).  So bitter I almost didn’t go see this one.  I mean, how many failed attempts at this can one person take?

Just go see it!

Some Quick Spider-Man Facts

These are just some Spidey-Facts about Spider-Man Homecoming and what you can expect, without spoilers, of course!  Click here to read them.

My Review of Spider-Man Homecoming

In this movie, Peter Parker is now getting used to this new superhero identity.  He returns home to Queens, New York where he lives with his Aunt May, and totally expects to be a big time superhero and get invited to fight in epic battles and take down bad guys.  So because Tony Stark, who has taken on the mentor role in this movie, does not, in fact, invite Peter to fight with the other well-known heroes and heroines, this movie starts out (for me) a bit slow.  Not slow in a drool-out-the-side-of-my-mouth so-boring-I-dozed-off slow.  But slow as in we get to go along with Peter Parker as he navigates his everyday teenage high school life as a secret superhero.

I love how they make his so relatable; and so very vulnerable to his studies and teachers, bullies, and even a crush.  He is awkward and nerdy and just adorable.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

And speaking of adorable – can we say Tom Holland?  The 21-year old English actor and dancer is such a cutie!  And he does such a great job portraying Peter Parker as just Peter Parker.  His character is witty but sometimes serious, loyal, and just wants to do the right thing for his city.  And then you have that yummy eye-candy Robert-freaking-Downey Jr.  I just lourve me some Iron Man!  My husband told me that he would not be Iron Man anymore and that thought broke the part of my heart reserved for scrumptious superheroes.  #pieces But we’ll see what future movies hold for fans.

Origin Story?

Spider-Man Homecoming is not an origin story.  At first I was taken aback that they wouldn’t give us the details of Spider-Man’s beginnings.  But after I thought about it, I realized that we have all been introduced to the history that is Spidey.  We all know he was bit by a spider, and that’s how he got his superpowers, and then his Uncle Ben died, and all that.  So for this movie to flow along with the timeline that Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers follows, we need to move this story past that.  I think they did a great job with that, while still giving us a glimpse into Peter’s world.

Relationships develop at the beginning, and we’re really getting to know the characters, who they are, and why they are.  This is perfect because it prepares us for the HUGE TWIST that you don’t see coming until it happens and then you’re like WTH??!!! At least that was my reaction.  But until that happens, I love the banter and links between the characters.  This cast is diverse and it makes the movie that much more realistic and enjoyable to watch.

My Overall Feeling

This Spider-Man feels more real, more grounded, because he’s just self-aware enough to know that he has these powers and that makes him special, but he’s not cocky enough to think he’s better than other people (::clears throat:: superman ::clears throat::).  The good thing about Peter Parker in this movie is that we are right there with him as he makes mistakes; but instead of giving up and saying ‘I can’t do this’, he picks himself back up and tries to solve the problem, head on.  He does make mistakes, after all he is a teenage boy who wants to impress his friends – and a girl – and engages in small abuses of his powers to do so; after all, he really is still just a boy trying to figure out his powers and how to have them while still being a student, friend, and nephew.  In his mind, he’s ready to wear the mantle of spider-man, but Stark tries to keep him grounded by reminding him that he should just remain the ‘neighborhood-friendly spider-man’.  In the end, he is able to prove that he has the strength, persistence, and the discipline to hang with the big league…  big ‘vengers?  sigh…

Seven Lessons I Learned About My Natural Hair Journey from Spider-Man Homecoming

(Image borrowed from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki-page.)

Your natural hair journey does not always need an origin story.

Sometimes you start with a big chop, a transition, and even a do-over.  But everyone will not have an amazing epiphany story to go along with your natural hair journey.  And that’s okay.  Just pick up from where you are and keep it moving.

Always look for ways to improve your journey.

Peter Parker is always looking for ways to improve his suit, and his technique.  Try new products, learn new methods, and then see which fit into your needs and goals and utilize those skills.  You never know all there is to know about natural hair – it is a constant learning experience.

If you mess up, do all you can to fix it.

But don’t give up on your natural hair journey.  Get back up and try again.  You may have irreparable damage; or you may just hate that new cut and color.  It’s okay.  It’s not the natural journey’s fault – it is simply you trying to get it right.  If at first you don’t succeed, grab some more webbing and get back out there!

Know your hair.

You don’t become a natural hair know-it-all by osmosis.  You have to read and study and practice what your brain absorbs.  Just like Peter Parker and his classmates – being smart is something that requires study and putting in the hours after school.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

It doesn’t matter what the popular fad or trend is; if it doesn’t feel right for you, then don’t do it.  Besides, being popular isn’t always as fun!

Form a tight posse.

Everyone in the natural hair community isn’t bad – find people with similar journeys, find people with different journeys, and find people who you can relate to.  It is so awesome to have a support group – other naturals who will understand your struggles, and who can give you advice and a shoulder to help you get through.

If you’re nothing without your natural hair, then you shouldn’t have it.

This is most important.  If your hair defines who you are, and if you are a different person when you’re hair is different, then you probably don’t need to rock natural hair.   We should define our natural hair, not the other way around.  And I will keep saying that your personality, your style, is who you are.  Your hair is part of who YOU are, and it should match your personality.  Don’t use your hair to define how awesome you can be – you be awesome, and then let your hair accentuate that awesomeness.

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man Homecoming, yet, I suggest you go see it.  I definitely give it a 5-Curlie review!

What lessons did you take away from the movie?

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