Natural Hair Videos

When I first went natural there was one site I relied on for my natural hair questions and research.  There was no collection of You Tube channels where new naturals could find all kinds of information on anything natural.  Now, to my absolute pleasure, there are hundreds of channels with naturals of all hair types, lengths, colors, styles, and takes on natural hair…well, everything!  So when I need to know how to do something, I can just type it into the search box and watch a plethora of videos.  Ah, social media!  I have never learned as much about natural hair as I have when I’ve logged on to YouTube to search through the many natural hair videos.

So I started my own natural hair video channel because, before this blog, I also felt I had something to share with the natural world.  I am still making videos, and I can’t wait to see you on my channel!

*I have recently made my videos unlisted, so if you go onto my channel you will find many of those videos have vanished.  No worries!  I have them all on this page – just click the video thumbnail and it will take you to that video.


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Check out my new YouTube Channel for even more natural hair videos where I am sharing my natural hair experiences, tutorials, product-reviews, and just talking about all things ‘natural hair’.  I will also have book reviews, comic book reviews, cosplay, fashion, and sometimes makeup.  Making new videos as we speak so stop by.

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(My older videos are still up for those of you who want to enjoy the classics.  LOL!  Go to my old channel here to check out those videos…)