My Makeup Essentials

July 15, 2017

What goes along with a bomb-arse natural hair style?  A great hair day?  Well, a “beat face”, as the kids say.  But really, why do they say that?  If you think about it, a beat face doesn’t really sound that attractive.  But I digress; my point is that when your hair looks great, you want your makeup to look great as well.  For me, I don’t always want to take the time required to put on makeup, but most of the time I like the way it looks when I do.  And I’ve been slowly building my collection of makeup essentials to share with you. #poetmuch #justcallmeShakespeare

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I am not a makeup guru.  But I know what I like, what looks good (I hope), and what makes my face feel good.  Now, because I am not willing to sacrifice good skin for a made-up face, #notever I will have a skincare post and video up for you, soon.  With that being said, let’s move on to the good stuff…

What’s In My Makeup Bag?

I don’t need a ton of items to get the job done.  I have watched many YouTube makeup channels where the gorgeous ‘tubers have about 30 minutes worth of products to put on their face.  Frankly, I don’t have that kind of time; so I have invested in good products that keep my face looking great all day, using less.  And I didn’t break the bank to do it!

Here is what I absolutely must have in my makeup bag; of course I have extra makeup items that I want to try, or for when I have that extra special event to attend.  But for my everyday makeup, this is what I keep close:


I had no idea what a difference a good primer makes until I finally bit the bullet and picked one up. #lifechanger


I don’t actually use this all the time, but it helps on those days when I look like I was up all night partying with the zombies. #thrillerstyle

Setting Powder

I use setting powder under my foundation.  I learned this from Jackie Aina in this video (start at 2:53); she says that she uses powder after priming and under her foundation because it “locks the primer in and makes sure the foundation lasts longer.”  I tried it and it worked!  Jackie, girl, thank you for your awesome advice! <3


This has been a #strugglebus for me because it is so hard for chocolate-drop girls to find a foundation that matches.  Don’t worry, I’ve got a foundation favorites coming soon for you; but one piece of knowledge that I learned that has never failed me – know your undertone.  Know it!  You will not believe how much better your foundation and powders shades will match your skin when they match your undertone.  For help understanding your undertone, make sure you click on the links I will have for you below to a couple videos that really helped me.

Face Powder

I have to have a matte powder to help set my foundation.  It’s just necessary to combat that lighthouse shine.  I am happily married, not trying to call any sailors over here!


I’m not as extreme with it as I was back in my goth days, but I love a cat-eye.  Love. It.


I don’t always wear mascara, but when I do, I always wear mascara.  Because it finishes off that eye.

Setting Spray

Just get you one.  I need the matte spray for that shine I referenced above.

A few good brushes and a beauty sponge

I don’t need a huge collection of brushes, but I finally found my tried-and-true brush-posse.  They got my back.  Just make sure you keep them clean – you wouldn’t believe the makeup one accumulates in the course of a few days.

*you’ll notice I don’t have eyeshadow listed above… I love a good eyeshadow, but it isn’t something I have to wear everyday.  As long as I have on eyeliner, I’m good.  The shadow is extra.

My Makeup Essentials

These are my current must-have makeup items.  They aren’t the only ones I have or use, but they are my current favorites:

NYX Concealer in Tan

Elf Mineral-Infused Face Primer

Wet & Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray

L.A. Girl Pro-Powder HD Setting Powder

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation in Deep 81 Cool

the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation (currently waiting on a different shade and will update you on this soon!)

NYX Matte Liquid Liner in Black

the Balm Mad Lash Black Mascara

Nyx Pro Total Control Drop Foundation Brush #22

EcoTools Bronzer Brush

e.l.f Contouring Brush

My Makeup Routine

And this post wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial.  Because I love you guys.  I hope this helps some of you – again, I am no makeup guru, but I am happy to share what I know with you!

Enjoy the video, and let me know below if any of these tips and tricks work for you.

Does wearing makeup help enhance your natural hair?  What are some of your favorite makeup products?

Reference Links:

Know your undertone!  Makeup Geek’s Marlena Stell and Jackie Aina have awesome videos explaining undertone and how to tell what your undertone is.

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