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Nappy Review: My Curls Unleashed

September 9, 2014

It was about a year ago that I finally decided to give in and try the Curls Unleashed line.  I hadn’t heard much about it until a coworker asked me one day if I had tried it.  I had no interest in trying this product; for no other reason than a petty grudge I was holding against the company and a refusal to give in to product junkyism.  Well she said that she heard it was an excellent product and my curiosity was peaked…

Of course I never did a review of this product because I wasn’t as impressed with it as she was.  I was shingling at that time – dividing my hair into many sections within sections and spraying each section with water to keep the strands wet while I worked… this took up to an hour and never quite dried the way I thought it should.  Needless to say, wash & “go’s” were not my favorite and I dropped the style for my more favorite twist out style.  Now my regular readers and YouTube Subscribers (*HI!*) know that when I try a product out, I will purchase all of the products in a line that are made/sold to work in conjunction with one another.  This way I am getting the full benefit of the product.  So for a year [or maybe even more] I had this Curls Unleashed bundle tucked away in the back of my product cabinet.

And then I moved.  Funny how moving makes you put into perspective how much junk you really have, and how much of it you absolutely DO NOT want to take with you!  At all.  So I ended up tossing many of the unused, mostly water, and even out-dated conditioners that I had accumulated over the course of 4 years; and for the curling or moisturizing products, I even combined them all to make one big glob of unnamed and unknown hair styling whatever!  smh…  Either way, in the course of moving and finding myself not wanting to discard an entire line of products, I decided to keep a few higher end items and celebrate the rest of the summer as a “finish it and toss it” personal challenge.

Also during the last few months since my birthday hair color success, I finally – after years and years of trying and failing – FINALLY perfected my wash & go technique.  Honestly, I was making it much harder than it ever needs to be!  My wash & go’s are actually, literally wash… and go’s!  So with a half-full jar of curling jelly, some leave in conditioner, and a bit of moisturizing conditioner… I decided to give Curls Unleashed another go.  Why not?  I wouldn’t be purchasing these again, anyway… right?

So wrong!  In fact, yesterday, as I searched for some Get Well cards for a co-worker, I discovered that Curls Unleashed was on sale in Walgreens and found myself abandoning my trusty no-fail Olive Oil EcoStyler for the Curls Unleashed trio: Moisturizing Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Curling Jelly. [always getting distracted in the hair section-smh!] So this morning I went ahead and did a new wash & go.

I wasn’t imagining it; my wash & go today is awesome!  Just look as this curl definition…

curl definition

And this is first day length, as well.  I [by accident] came up with an addition to my wash & go method that allows my curls to form into an awesome natural shape, as well as the bomb (.com) curl clumpage.  Stay tuned for that post…

And stay tuned for some pictures / videos showing days 2-4 (maybe even 5).

But as for the products, here is my Nappy Review:

Nappy Review: Curls Unleashed

Curls Unleashed

Why Did I Buy This Product?

I got curious after a coworker told me that she heard it was really good.  Unusual for me, but I tried it and wasn’t particularly impressed the first time so all of the products sat in my hair collection cabinet for a year or more.

Where Can You Get It?

Where can you not get it?  LOL.  I first saw these products in Sally’s.  Then Target. Then Walmart (copy cats! lol).  Then Kmart.  Then Walgreens, and RiteAid, and CVS.  BUUUT… it really depends on if you can find all of the products in the group in one place.  Sometimes they will sell one and not the other or just be out of a certain one for too long.  ugh.  These stores need to get it together – I don’t see them running out of Pantene.  Just saying.

But the short answer to that question is Sally’s.  I purchased mine from Sally’s Beauty.

How was the packaging?

Nothing special; exactly as you see above.  There is a clear round plastic cover under the lids of the jars; and a white tab cover on the bottles.

What are the ingredients?

[table id=16 /]

What is the consistency of the products?

[table id=17 /]

How does it smell?

And here is one of the reasons I was unimpressed with this line in the first place.  To me, they smelled just like salon products.  I hate that smell.  Well, except for the Curl Boosting Jelly – which smells like grape kool-aid or grape jello.  But it seems as I have gotten more used to the products, they smell more like a very fruity fruit – in a salon. lol

What do they promise?

[table id=18 /]

How does the company suggest you use the products?

[table id=19 /]

How did I use these products?

After co-washing, I began with the moisturizing conditioner, detangled and rinsed, and then I applied the leave-in conditioner and curl boosting jelly one right after the other.  In the shower.  I used them exactly as stated on the containers.

Well…actually… I used the curl refresher on the third day, after stretching my hair in the morning and taking out the bands.  I applied some to my hands, rubbed them together, and used a scrunching motion to apply to my hair.  Didn’t use a lot but it did the job of refreshing my curls on day three!

Did this product do what it said it would do?

The Moisturizing Conditioner.  Not so much.  I personally don’t believe in a runny conditioner that moisturizes – I need a little bit of thick goodness that will coat my strands, not run off with the steam in my shower.  So this conditioner is not something I would purchase again.  Now maybe I’m not being fair to any conditioner by comparing them to Aussie Moist – but detangling with my Australian dream of a conditioner is a breeze… detangling with this conditioner was actually a hail storm.  A thunderstorm.  A nightmare.  Okay, it was hard!  My hair – even under running water – did not detangle easily after applying this and letting it sit in my hair.  And I lost more hair than I usually do – eeek!

Aussie – you have set the bar WAAAY high for moisturizing conditioners with slip and an awesome smell-factor!  Just saying.

Now, the Leave-In and Jelly?  It did exactly what it promised.  And I must add that the Jelly promises “crunchless” curl definition – and I got exactly that.  I have been SO impressed with the movement that I get with this gel without the frizz.  Usually the more I move my strands the more they fly-away and frizz.  The definition remains and just gets better by the day. ‘ Who woulda thunk it?’  Crunchless works!  lol  I definitely give the gel two thumbs up!

How long does it last?

[added later]: I got 4-day hair, and the only reason I couldn’t get a couple more days is because I messed up and applied the curl refresher prior to stretching which took away the awesome curl pattern.  Lesson learned.

So what did I like about it?

I love love love how this gel makes my hair feel.  I am loyal.  To a fault.  So I every time I have taken this into the shower with me I have glanced over at my lonely EcoStyler jar and felt as if I was cheating on it.  lol.  But the softness PLUS curl definition?  That is rare.  Usually I have to let my trusty Eco dry completely before touching it, and I certainly don’t get as good the results I got with Curls Unleashed when I have to go to bed with my hair still wet.  But a satin cap or a high ponytail and a shake in the morning and all is well!  The leave-in prepares my strands for curling, and then the jelly enhances my curl and shows off that awesome definition.  When and if I need it, the curl refresher brings the curl back to life.  This trio is hard to beat!

Another thing that I really appreciate is that this product does not leave my strands dull.  I hate to admit that if it wasn’t for my Curls Kukui Oil, or some other oil, the EcoStyler would have my hair looking more dull than I prefer.  No shine whatsoever.

So all-in-all I do really like this product.

What did I not like about it?

Now on the other end of the spectrum, this product leaves my hair soft so I’m not sure whether I will be able to stretch it to day 5 or even 6 [barely] hair because of the lack of hold.  Since I’m only on day three as I am writing this, and I had to pineapple last night after applying more Curl Refresher, we shall see if I have to give it up and start over after today.  Of course, with the holding strength of EcoStyler I could stretch a wash & go for days and days!

Oh, and not to be a cheapskate, but I have been spoiled by the $4.99 TUB of EcoStyler that lasts months at a time.  So having to dish out $41.46 on sale [$54.96, regular price] for four products that will not last me as long… well that made my eye twitch a little!

eye twitch

buttercup eye twitch


bugs bunny eye twitch

Sheldon eye twitch

(just saying.  lol)

So anyway, we’ll see – I may have to get over it and budget that in for these curls!

Would I buy it again?

Yes, but [refer to pics above] my eye will twitch every time!  Hopefully I’ll be able to store-hop and find them on sale when I need them.  muah-ha-ha.

Would I recommend this product?

I would.  But I would give my usual disclaimer:

Every head of hair is different.  My strands are not like your strands are not like your sister’s best friend’s strands; so products will not do for you what they may do for me and vice versa.  Also, naturally curly hair will see curl enhancement from a product because it is already curly.  Products do not make anyone’s hair curly.

So if you have curly-coily-kinky hair that already has a curl pattern and you would like to enhance that pattern without the crunch… then I definitely recommend this with my two thumbs up (in the ai-air, and wavin’ like they just don’t ca-are!).  I had to do it.

Oh, and since I took so long to actually get this posted – here are some pictures of Day-Three hair with this product.  This was taken on my sorry phone camera in the restroom of my office.  The night before I applied a bit of Curl Refresher, pulled it all up into a high ponytail and then went to bed (no satin cap – just my satin pillowcase).  In the morning, I took it down and stretched it into a low banded ponytail while I dressed and drove to work.  Took it out once I arrived, shook, fluffed, and VOILA!

Day 4 wash & go     Day 4 wash & go side

So here is Day-Four hair…

Day Four wash & go

Day Four wash & go side

Aaaand since I still haven’t gotten this posted, here are some Day-Five hair pics for your viewing pleasure.  I did the same thing last night – no water – just a bit of Curl Refresher scrunched into my strands, shake, and pulled up into my makeshift-but-not-really ‘pineapple’.  This morning before getting dressed I pulled the pineapple down into an upside-down-banded-pineapple (ponytail) and then took it out and shook it out before leaving for church.  See…

Day-Five wash & go side

Day-Five wash & go side2

After today I could tell that this wash & go was tired and needed to be put to rest.  Either way, five days of wash & go is still awesome!

Okay, so go get some.  Try it.  And then tell me how you like it!

Until the next Nappy Review.

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  • Reply Beverly June 3, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. I actually picked up a sample packet of the ORS Curles unleashed, Defining Creme gonna give it a try today, and I’ll let you know how my curls like it. Thanks for the post!!

    • Reply AskMeAboutMyHair June 12, 2017 at 10:54 am

      awww, thanks!! Please let me know how the ORS works for you. 🙂 <3

  • Reply Jheri July 23, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Your hair looks nice. Did you experience flaking?

    • Reply AskMeAboutMyHair August 24, 2017 at 8:47 am

      Thank you! No, I did experience flaking from what I can remember. I get pretty irritable over flaking, so I think I’d remember if this left me feeling like we were having a white Christmas! lol

      It may be time to try these products out again, though…

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