more about me

more about me

Here is more than you ever wanted to know about me!

And none of it has anything to do with natural hair.

i am an introvert

seriously.  I have to make a serious effort to be a social butterfly, and then I’m exhausted afterwards!

my ears are tiny

(not proportioned at all… sigh)

i prefer the bread crust

When all my friends wanted their crusts cut off their sandwiches, I wanted the middle cut out!

i hate peanut butter

I tried so hard to like peanut butter.  I just can’t… peanuts are gross.

i won't walk barefoot in my house

I hate the feel of floor against my feet.  I love slippers!

i have a fear of doctors

enough said.

i am crazy afraid of roaches

I will turn into a screaming dress-holding woman if I see one.  I can’t even bring myself to step on one.  I have to have the roach spray that will reach the roach on a wall if I’m standing across the street.  Lucky for me, I don’t see any in my house.  But I do spray weekly – around the inside and outside of the house.  EEEEWWWWWW!

i can't grow ferns

Ironic, right?  I’ve tried.  What is that spirit – a Fern who can’t grow a fern?  I can’ grow every thing else!

my initials are FBI

and so are my mom’s…

i watch the Disney channel

(don’t judge me)… you’re never too old for the Disney Channel!

i love to play scrabble

but I hate to lose…

i am an artist

(if only art paid the bills, right?)

i collect vintage

I LOVE a good antique shop!

but i love technology

Yep.  Just a walking contradiction.

i devour books

I mean open a book in the morning and don’t put it down until I’m done, devour.

i love ancient egyptian history

I want to be buried in a tomb.

i'm addicted to facebook games

Again, don’t judge.  It’s how I clear my head!

i love football

like a man.

i'm a closet geek

I am going to learn to code.

i'm a closet goth

the Abby from NCIS type.

i prefer converse

and I do mean EVERYTHING… if I could wear them with my wedding dress.

my favorite movie is you've got mail

I watch it at least once a month.

i don't like too many choices

my mind goes into overdrive because I have to think each choice through and over and under…

i love potatoes cooked any way

especially fries and tater tots.  YUM.

i am a hobby lobby craftaholic

there must be a support group for this – the employees know me by name and what I’m coming in to buy!  This has got to be dealt with – the struggle… it’s real!

i hate bridges

(wait for it…)

i love roller coasters

LOVE.  Like I can ride them all day love.  I know, I’m confused by me, too!

i only like odd numbers

Seven is my favorite, then 17.   I hate even numbers.

i'm a germophobe

Lysol, Sanitizer, Soap, Clorox… as in don’t touch me or shake my hand!

i love fonts

plain letters are such a bore!

i love wrestling

look, I know it’s fake, but I still watch it.  and follow the storyline.  Randy Orton, CM Punk, Triple H, John Cena…

i love skateboarders


i don't like perfume

to strong.  I prefer body spray of the natural aroma.  COCONUT is my favorite.


That’s how my sister got me into reading them.  Now when I go to the bookstore to find the next one in the series I feel I need to wear a disguise before walking down the Romance aisle.  Can’t ruin my hardcore reputation!

i watch dr. who

Never thought I would like this show…until I watched it.  Totally hooked!

i love to bake

especially pound cake and cupcakes.

i carry a journal every where I go

I don’t want to miss a thought or idea…

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