Blogging With Natural Integrity Badge, Explained

August 1, 2016

When I designed the Blogging with Natural Integrity badge, I chose the design elements intentionally and wanted to explain them so that you would understand what I was thinking when I created it…

Shape Up

Let’s start with the shapes that you see on the badge.  The most prominent shape is the puffy, bubbly, flowery outline of the badge.  Of course, I love flowers and flowers make me think of hippies and hippies make me think of, like, peace and love, man.  LOL… no, I’m joking.  The shape actually makes me think of an afro puff…

afro with pick icon, Blogging with Natural Integrity, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

And now I have the lyrics to Lady of Rage’s ‘Afro Puffs’ in my head!  LOL  Here’s the video for your afro puff entertainment:

(you’re welcome!)

So back to the shapes… the circle… I used that as a nod to the circle of natural hair bloggers that make up our little community.  Also, a circle keeps going and going, joining and leaving no line out – so, unity was in my thoughts as well.

circle of natural hair bloggers and vloggers, Ask Me About My Hair Blog

Color Me Badge

And now the colors.  Yes, even the colors have meaning… did you know that there is a psychology behind colors?   I found a page that describes colors and their psychological meanings in depth – click the colors below to visit the site:

colors of the Blogging with Natural Integrity Badge, Ask Me About My Hair BlogBlue

This badge is an honest attempt to bring trust to the natural hair b(v)logging community.  It takes charge of an issue that is not foreign to the circle and attempts to do the right thing.  Blue needs order and direction, and speaks truth, inspiring higher ideals.  It is not meant to take from the creativity in the natural hair community, but to give freedom of creative expression with the confidence to call out inadequacies… however, it is non-threatening, non-competitive.

Dark blue specifically, used in the badge, represents knowledge, power, and integrity.


The gold in this badge means success and achievement, optimism and positivity.  This badge should be associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment – while inspiring good, it should also inspire knowledge.

While blue speaks truth and wants higher ideals, gold remains compassionate, yet victorious.

The Icons

And last, we come to the icons used in the badge:

icons on the Blogging with Natural Integrity Badge, Ask Me About My Hair

The laptop is obvious – we as bloggers who take the pledge to blog with natural integrity.

The pen represents writing – and the willingness to state when writing isn’t original, but borrowed.  Claim it when it is yours!  But don’t when it isn’t.  Seems simple enough, right?

The camcorder obviously stands for the vloggers who take the pledge to vlog with natural integrity; and camera represents those who use cameras to film or take pictures for their blog images.

So there you have it, the symbolism behind the badge.

What do you think?  Did I leave anything out?

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