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April 13, 2017

So I made a BB Cream… and I’m so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to share it with you so you can go make your own, too…

Of course, you may already be using a BB Cream, and I’m a bit late to the game… but I had no idea how awesome this stuff could be until I read all about it.  And then decided that it was perfect for the spring and summer.

What Exactly Is A BB Cream?

If you’re like me and have no idea what this is, then that’s okay.  Remember, this is a #nojudgment zone.  I’m still a newbie to most makeup terms and products and still learning.  So we’ll learn together, shall we?

According to… (shout-out to Sephora!!  And no this is not a sponsored post, I just actually went into the store and was able to find most, if not all, of the makeup they sell in my shade!  UNlike Ulta.  #noshade #maybealittleshade)

BB Creams perform five (yes FIVE) functions for our face¹:

  1. hydrate dry skin
  2. prime
  3. conceal blemishes
  4. treat with good ingredients
  5. protect with SPF

Right?  When I saw that, I thought, ‘then why on earth do we use 5 products on our face at one time when we can just put on BB Cream.  Sounds pretty miraculous to me…

You can use BB Creams as a tinted moisturizer, or even a foundation.  It’s all about what you prefer, and the kind of coverage you’re looking for.

“BB” stands for Beauty Balm; other names used are blemish balm, or blemish base.

What BB Creams Can Do

This amazeballs product was created by a dermatologist in Germany, who wanted to provide his patients with a single cream that would protect and provide coverage for their skin after laser treatments.  It went viral, as it were, and was used in South Korea by women who wanted to reduce the number of skincare steps.  Because who wants to spend all day in the mirror trying to treat your skin?  Everyday?  Say it with me” ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’  It didn’t make it to the states until 2011, where it grew in popularity and paved the way for every kind of beauty company to hit pay dirt.  Now you can find them everywhere, and for all kinds of money².

But still… in 2017… not yet for all kinds of skin tones.

This, my peeps, is why I had to DIY mine.  Well that and other reasons.  Good reasons that I’ll get to in a second…

So according to WebMD, here are some of the things you can find in BB Creams:

  • Anti-aging ingredients, including peptides and antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C
  • Moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin
  • Other ingredients like licorice and arbutin that help even out skin tone
  • Mica to give skin a luminous finish
  • Silicone-based ingredients, such as dimethicone, that help smooth the skin; much like a foundation or a primer does

What BB Creams Can’t Do

BB Creams are not miracles in a bottle.  They have a lot of benefits, sure, but they really don’t solve one skin problem, specifically.  So while you may get protection from the sun and maybe a light tint, you may not get great moisture at the same time.

Oh, and get this – bonus points if you already knew that the FDA will not allow SPF and acne-fighting ingredients in one product.  I had no idea, so there’s another thing.

In other words, ladies and gents, you can’t, and shouldn’t, use BB Cream as a replacement for good skin care.  You should use it in addition to, and still treat this as a makeup product and wash it off at the end of the day.  Actually, for awesome natural skincare that will leave your face clean, fresh, and blemish-free, try MySkinTrx (use code AMAMHB15 at checkout for a discount)* and watch your face transform.  My own words.  Because that’s what happened to my face when I used these products and I couldn’t be happier.*

But I Like My Makeup

Right.  So don’t give it up if you don’t want to.  You can use BB Creams in addition to your skincare / makeup regimen; you know, to help those products work more efficiently.  For example, you can use your BB Cream underneath your lighter coverage makeup to help cover up acne scars or blemishes; that way, you won’t have to give up your favorite foundation, you have a bit more coverage, and you don’t feel like your face will crack if you smile from too many layers of makeup.

Or, if you don’t really use foundation, but you love your face powder, you can use a dab of BB Cream as your moisturizer and to help prime your skin, and then apply your powder on top for an even cleaner finish.

How Do I Use My BB Cream?

I live in the right-cheek-of-the-Devil’s-butt, Georgia.  Oh yes, it is a place.  The place where I live.  This means that right now – in April – when it should be a nice comfortable 70-something, we’re facing 89-degree weather with an even hotter humidity that leaves you sweating just walking from the house to the car.  It is magical.  But not in that Disney-perfection way.  It’s so tragically disgusting to sweat so much in so little time, that it has to be a trick of the body.  A cruel trick, I tell you.

ANYhoo… my point is that I hate full-face makeup during the late spring and early summer months here.  It’s almost a waste of money unless we’re going somewhere really, really schmancy and I want to look really, really schmexy.  You schmeel me?

Okay, seriously, I’m done…

So the discovery of this BB Cream was just in time for me.  In the morning, I rinse my face and try to pry my eyes open.  Then, instead of my moisturizer, then concealer, then foundation, then highlighter, then contour, then powder, and then finishing spray (holy makeup, batman!)… I open my little jar of DIY BB Cream, apply and rub it in, and then dust a little finishing powder over my face.  Wham! Bam! Done!  If I feel like a bit of eyeliner, I will do that; but allergy-induced puffs in the morning rarely have my jumping for joy at the thought of shoving an eye pencil in my eye.  A little lip gloss and I’m good to go.

Please believe me when I say that my face feels so much lighter and actually has a more fresh-faced natural look.  So, instead of my piling on a ton of product to get that “no-makeup look”, I apply BB Cream.

How in the world have I lived without BB Cream this long?!

Okay, So How Do I Make My Own BB Cream?

Patience, young grasshopper, I’m getting there…

You will need:

  • a small makeup jar (or whatever size you think you’ll need)
  • moisturizer
  • primer
  • foundation
    (NYX Cosmetics’ Total Control Drop Foundation is perfect for this because it is not a cream, which means an even lighter BB Cream for me!)
  • something to stir it with

That’s it – I only use three ingredients.  My moisturizer has natural sunscreen ingredients so I don’t need to add SPF; but if yours does not you may want to add some to your concoction.

What is natural sunscreen?  I’m so glad you asked.  Here are some ingredients that have a natural SPF (sun protection factor)³:

  • Almond Oil- SPF around 5
  • Coconut Oil- SPF 4-6
  • Zinc Oxide SPF 2-20 depending on how much used
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil SPF 25-50
  • Carrot Seed Oil –  SPF 35-40
  • Shea Butter – SPF 4-6

The moisturizer I use (MySkinTrx Essentials Moisturizer for Balanced Skin) has Almond Oil and Zinc Oxide, so I am good to go on SPF!

Okay, so here’s what I do:

Scoop out some of the moisturizer and put it in the container.  Add the primer and mix.  Add your foundation and mix until you get the coverage you want – you may want to start with a little and then test it on the back of your hand until you get it the way you like it.

That’s it!  It is that simple.

A BB Cream DIY Video

If you want to see how I did it in real-time, click the picture below to check out the video:

*Although the links above are not affiliate links, I am an affiliate of MySkinTrx and will receive a small percentage if you order skin products.  Please know that if I didn’t use and trust thier products completely, I would not endorse their products.  But being natural products that are free of chemicals, not tested on animals, and clear up your skin?  Well, I am sold and I think you will be, too!

² WebMD:
³ Wellness Mama, How To Make Sunscreen:

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