Top Five Essential Natural Hair Products

August 19, 2017

There are a lot of natural hair products out there. A. Lot. And most of the time, their marketing is so great that they will convince you that your natural hair needs every serum, custard, and cocktail that they offer. You don’t have to have it. Seriously, step away from the product aisle!

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Wash Day with ORS | A Curlie Review

August 3, 2017

Sometimes your hair just needs a good cleansing.  I know, I know… sulfates and stripping and harsh and cowashing.  But seriously – conditioner can’t always get our hair clean, and if your natural hair is not as porous as others, you could collect buildup from all the styling products.  And nobody wants buildup.  No one.  When you can find a shampoo that works, hang on to it for those wash days when you need to really cleanse.

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Finding Your Personal Style for Your Natural Hair | Part One-and-A-Half, Style Series

August 2, 2017

We talk a lot about finding your personal style when it comes to fashion and clothing, but we don’t always discuss defining your personal natural hair style.  No, not the hairstyle we choose for the week or for an event; I’m talking about our distinctive style that defines how we choose to wear our natural hair most of the time, and the reasoning behind it.  This is just as important as knowing our personal style for fashion.  Let’s discuss…

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