The History of Natural Hair – Do You Know It?

February 21, 2017

This weekend I splurged on books.  More specifically, I splurged on books about natural hair, the history of natural hair, and the civil rights movement.  I call it my black history book haul and I can’t wait to get home every night to dive head-first into the pages.

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The Four Essential Creme of Nature Products You Need in Your Natural Hair Product Stash – A Curlie Review

February 16, 2017

For a long time I’ve turned my nose up at Creme of Nature. Nothing against the company, at all; but since becoming natural I have had a small distrust of any company who was known for relaxers jumping on the natural product bandwagon as soon as natural hair became the ‘in thing’. I didn’t say I was always rationale! And I doubt that this is the reason Creme of Nature came out with their natural hair line, but for a long time I would look at their products with epic side eye, thinking ‘hmmm… I just don’t trust it.’

Until I actually put my prejudices and natural elitist thoughts aside and tried the products. Yes, really tried them.

Right. So are you ready? Because here is my NON-elitist, UN-biased, but truthful Curlie Review…

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Satin and Your Natural Hair

February 14, 2017

What is the first thing you want to do after a long day at work? No, after taking off your bra… no, after eating your feelings… uh-uh, after that glass (or two) of wine… Yes, that’s right! You want to face-plant into that good pillow and sleep all your cares away.  But what difference does it make whether that pillowcase is cotton or satin?

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Protein Treatments and Your Natural Hair

February 9, 2017

So, apparently, I’ve never talked about protein and all that jazz on this blog.  At least not in detail; and I feel like I’ve done you all a disservice.  After all, I use protein treatments on my hair, and I’ve tried many different kinds.  Right.  Let’s chat about it now, then, shall we?

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Superbowl and Natural Hair Care

February 5, 2017

Why of course I can make the comparison… it is Superbowl Sunday after all, so this is all kinds of relevant.  Kickoff begins now – we’re talking natural hair using football terms…

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28 Days to Love Your Natural Hair

February 3, 2017

It is finally February.  HA!  I said that like I didn’t wake up this morning wondering exactly how this month came upon us so fast.  In fact, I’ve been wondering about this time-flying situation ever since the ball dropped and someone told me it was a new year.  #wheredid2016go #butgoodriddance #timeflies  So as all plans go, I fully intended to have everything ready for a new month and still find that I am always behind.  …but enough babbling.  Let’s look at February and talk about how you can love your natural hair.

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